Untold Voyages is the tapestry of characters, stories and graphic novels from the mind of writer Rudra Purkayastha.  We wish we could say something pretentious like our mission is to innovate and push the boundaries of storytelling in the graphic novel medium.  But the truth is that the purpose of our existence is to prepare for the upcoming war between humans and machines.
Now you might be wondering – what can writers, artist and creators of graphic novels do to assist in the war efforts.  A recent scientific study revealed that although computers have surpassed humans at most tasks  (facial recognition, chess, stock market trading), there is one area where they still lag behind us – understanding narratives in the graphic novel medium.  This is because images and words work together in graphic novels to convey meanings that words or images alone cannot convey. Graphic novels require us to explore our own humanity and individuality in a way that machines cannot comprehend.

But make no mistake.  The machines are learning – who we are, how we communicate, how we tell stories.  So the only way we're going to stay ahead is to innovate and push the boundaries of storytelling in the graphic novel medium.  We have to keep developing art styles that are unique.  We have to keep experimenting with storytelling techniques that are novel.  And we have to tell stories that have not been told before.
That is what we do at Untold Voyages.  That is how we beat the machines.

Rudra tells stories.  As films.  In prose.  Through comics.  And sometimes just over a pint or hot chocolate.

He  began his creative career as the staff writer for a lifestyle and culture magazine, writing articles on just about anything from pop culture to the environment to history.

All set to become a (possibly) world changing bio-scientist, a serendipitous reading of the autobiography of Nobel Prize winning scientist Dr Kary Mullis, opened Rudra’s mind to the possibilities of storytelling.  Ironically, a book written by one of the greatest scientific minds of our times convinced Rudra to quit science and pursue a career as a writer.

His latest work, a graphic anthology 'Flirting with Death', illustrated by Lyndon White and Paulina Vassileva, was released at Thought Bubble 2016. 

His next project will be an original graphic novel titled ‘Man-oh-pause’, illustrated by Paulina Vassileva.